Competition Rules

A Copy of the H&IPC Club Rules ammended June 2016 can be downloaded here

Club Rules for 2016-17 Season


Only fully paid-up Full members of Highcliffe & Infinity Photography Club may take part in competitions. Any photographic image is only eligible to be entered in one internal club competition during the season, plus The Norrie Phillips Trophy and the Best of Year. Images used in any previous year’s competitions cannot be re-used.

Full Members agree that their images may be used on our website and in inter-club competitions and also may be chosen to represent the Club in external competitions. Copyright always remains with the author.
H&IPC is an active member Club of the Southern Counties Photographic Federation and takes part in their League, Championship and inter-Federation Competitions. We request that Full members who are members of other photographic clubs ensure that any image(s) of theirs used by H&IPC in SCPF League or inter-Federation competitions is/are not used in the same Federation competitions by their other Club(s).

All images and their component parts must be the original work of the entrant, be photographed by them, and the copyright held by them. The use of stock images or any element which derives from an image which is not photographed by the entrant is not allowed. The Committee retains the right to view the original image files.


Each Full member has been allocated a personal two digit competition number XX which is shown on the Membership List. The competitor will number each entry, the first entry for each competition will be 1xx and the second entry will be 2xx.
For example if a competitor’s number is 43 the first entry submitted for a competition will be 143 and the second entry will be 243.


Prints must be mounted on board or card with a maximum mount size of 500mm x 400mm, with the entry number, print title and author’s name clearly marked on the back. The entry number must be positioned in the top left hand corner of the back. A supporting DPI image of each print must be forwarded to the designated competition organiser before midnight on the Sunday before the competition. The supporting DPI image should follow the format of Clause 3.3. below and be submitted in accordance with clause 5.1.


The image must fit within a rectangle that is 1400 pixels wide by 1050 pixels high (max) in JPEG format only, and the colour space must be sRGB.
It has been found that applying a narrow white stroke line of 1-2 pixels around the image works well. There is no need to put smaller images on a 1400×1050 black canvas any more.
The image file names must only include your Entry Number followed by a space followed by the Title. Assuming Fred Bloggs has the competition number 99 his entries will be numbered as follows:-
199 Another Sunset
The leading ‘1’ indicates that this is his entry for the first half of the competition.
299 Lions at Play
The leading number ‘2’ indicates that this is his entry for the second half.

Do not include your name or the name of the competition or anything else in the image title.



With the exception of entries for the Monochrome Cup, all images may be either colour or monochrome unless otherwise advised by the Chairman.


All competitions will be independently judged whenever possible. Prints and images for digital projection will be judged as separate categories


A supporting DPI image, formatted in accordance with clause 3.3, must be submitted for each print.

Submitting print titles by email is the preferred method but if you have no internet connection then Entry forms for the Print competitions must be handed to the Club Internal Competitions Secretary for logging one week prior to the competition and the supporting DPI image must be submitted on a CD, memory stick or memory card at the same time.

Prints must be handed in no later than 7.20pm on the night of the competition – the Internal Competition Secretary has the right to refuse late entries.

5.2 DPI Images

Submitting images by Email is the preferred method, but if you have no internet connection then submit your images on a CD, memory stick or memory card directly to the designated competition organiser on the Wednesday one week before the competition. Make sure that you fill in a competition Entry Form and that your name is on the CD, memory stick or card.

5.3 Submitting Images \Titles by email

Simply attach your image(s) to your email in the normal way and send your email to John Taylor at and copy it to David Angell at
It must be clear in the email which competition the images are entered for, and you must include the image titles in the body of your email. DPI image files must be properly named and formatted in accordance with clause 3.3.
The deadline for email submissions is midnight on the Sunday before the competition.
Entry forms are not required for email entries for Print & DPI competitions.



League competitions will be held in two categories throughout the season: Prints and Digitally Projected Images.
Entries will be scored out of 10 marks, including half marks, and at the end of the season the aggregate of a competitor’s best eight scores will be used to determine the overall result of each League.


The Digital Projection League will consist of 6 Competitions:
Three Open Competitions with no set subject:
Landscape – the winner will receive the Landscape Trophy and best British Landscape will be awarded the John Mansell Rose Bowl:
Set Subject – the winner will receive the Set Subject Trophy:
Wildlife – the winner will receive the Wildlife Trophy:
Flora – the winner will receive the Flora Trophy:
NB. The Wildlife and Flora Competitions are combined into a single League competition score.

The Print League will consist of 5 Competitions:
Two Open Competitions with no set subject:
Monochrome – the winner will receive the Monochrome Trophy:
Portrait – the winner will receive the Portrait Trophy:
A Set of Three – the winner will receive a trophy for the best themed panel:


Each member may submit up to two entries for each League competition. Unless otherwise stated (see rules for each competition) there is no age-limit for entered images but they must not have been entered in any previous league competition.


These competitions are digital projection set subject competitions.

6.3.1 The Flora Competition is for “Flowers” and “Plant Life”, as found in nature including fungi,  or as a table top subject,

6.3.2 The Wildlife competition is for wildlife that is normally found in the wild i.e. not domesticated. New Forest ponies are considered domestic. Photographs containing only plant subjects will not be eligible but photographs containing Insect(s) or small animals as the main subject will be eligible. It is permissible for the photographed subject to have been in captivity, provided there is no evidence of mankind in the picture.
The Wildlife and Flora Competitions together count as a single league Competition. Each member may submit a total of up to two entries, which may be entered in the two competitions in any combination. I.e. two Wildlife images or two Floral & Plant Life images or one in each.


This is a digital projection competition with the subject to be chosen by club members at the Annual General Meeting. Members may enter two images which must have been photographed since the setting of the subject at the previous AGM. Images must not have been used in previous League competitions and cannot be entered in later League competitions, except Best of Year in the same year.


Each member may enter two monochrome prints. There is no prescribed subject.

The aim of this print competition is to produce 3 images that link together by virtue of their content. Please note that one picture divided into three will not be accepted. The three images may be flush or traditionally mounted on 3 separate mount boards, each board to be a maximum size 350mm wide by 500mm high so that they can be displayed side by side on the easel, there is no minimum size for the boards. The 3 images may be flush or traditionally mounted on one single board, maximum size 1050mm wide by 500mm high, there is no minimum size for the board. The 3 images may be printed on one sheet of photo paper, flush or traditionally mounted on one mount board, maximum size 1050mm wide by 500mm high, there is no minimum size for the board.

Two entries per member are allowed for this competition.


This is digital projection competition with Landscape as its set subject. Members may enter two images. The winner will receive the Landscape Trophy.

This is an open landscape competition and images may be photographed anywhere in the world. To be considered a ‘landscape’ image, ignoring the sky area, any sea area in the image should not be greater than 30% of the land area.
The John Mansell Memorial Rose Bowl will be presented to the best British Landscape entry. British in this context means England, Scotland, Wales and their associated islands. It does not include Northern Ireland, The Channel Islands or the Isle of Man. Entrants to indicate to the Internal Competition Secretary that they wish their image(s) to be considered for the Trophy.


This is a print competition. Members may enter two images. A portrait is the representation of a person in which the face and its expression is predominant, with the intention of displaying the likeness, personality and even the mood of the person.


This competition will be held in both categories Prints and Digital Projection (DPI) categories. Each member may submit a maximum of two entries, which may be divided between the two categories in any way i.e. two prints or two DPI or one of each. The images must be displayed as previously presented and cannot be changed in any way – but if the image has been used in a Set Subject competition and the title would appear slightly odd it may be retitled, but the old title must also be stated on the entry form or in your email. These entries must have appeared in an Internal Club Competition during the current year,
Individual images used in the ‘Set of Three’ print competition cannot be used in either the Print or the DPI categories.


This trophy will be awarded at the discretion of the Chairman to the best ‘Improver’ of the year, i.e. the club member whose work reflected by competition scoring has shown enthusiasm, effort and progression.


This is a digital projection competition and the Trophy will be awarded to the member showing the most creativity during the capturing or editing of their image. Members may enter up to five images and the judging will be carried out by 4 non-competing members of the audience using the Club’s electronic scoring equipment. Images used in previous competitions during the current season may be re-entered and images used in this competition but not used in any previous competition may be entered in later League competitions if any, including Best of Year.


The competition rules cannot be expected to cover every eventuality and it is expected that members will endeavour to adhere to the spirit as well as the letter of the Rules.


Latest Amendment June 2016