February 2019

Peter Woodhouse was the judge for Round 4 of our Open Print League Competition titled 'Battle of the Sexes'. at the beginning of the month. This is a keenly fought annual competition between the ladies and gentlemen, this year the ladies won by the narrowest of margins with an average mark of 8.375 to the gents' 8.3. Full scoresheet and winning pictures can be seen in the “Print League” section of the website.

Our second meeting of the month on the 13th February saw 'With a Little Help from my Friends', the presentation by Roger Hance FRPS.  Roger belongs to Ipswich and District Photographic Society  and admitted that he was one of the last  members to change over to digital - he had previously been a confirmed film and darkroom user long past the time when all had gone digital.  His presentation described how easy it was to enter national and international exhibitions -  to help him give his talk a broader view he'd asked some of his friends from the exhibition circuit to loan him a few images so that our members had a good insight into the type of image necessary to gain acceptance at exhibitions.  We were able to view both the original raw files and final images, portraying that the finished articles are sometimes remarkably different from the image taken in-camera.

Our latest in-house workshop  was given over to the selection of members' images for our 2020 club calendar and also to a critique of images provided by Niton Camera Club on the Isle of Wight. The critique was led by our resident judge Jim Pascoe - the objective was to provide Niton Camera Club with someone else's take on their images. We, in turn, will submit a selection of our images for their comments later in the year.

Our final meeting on 27th February saw this season's  set subject for Round 4 of our PDI League Competition which was titled 'Shadows',  and judged by Barry Senior. There was an assortment of images submitted, some had Barry pondering as to whether they were actually  'shadows ' or  'reflections' and others had him puzzling as to how the 'shadows' originated - quite a challenge for him.  He finally selected   'Shadowy Shapes' by Frank Leavesley as the winner and 'Chiaroscuro' by Steve Walder-Davis as runner-up.

In other news, many congratulations  go to Catherine Dashwood, who has been awarded Membership of the coveted Photographers Bar by the Photographers Guild for her consistently skilful and professional work with dogs and pets.