21st November 2018 - Print League Round 2 Portrait

Round 2 of our Print League Competition titled 'Portrait' was judged by Gordon Brown ARPS who stood in as a replacement judge, due to illness.  There was a good selection of images both in colour and monochrome and the overall winners were a husband and wife team - Nicky and Jim Pascoe.  Nicky's image 'In the Woodland' was placed first with Jim's 'Mustang Boy' as runner-up.

Here is the competition result sheet and other high scoring images

7th November 2018 - DPI League Round 2 Flora and Wildlife

Paul de Sylva was the judge for our second in-house DPI League Competition which incorporated two competitions - Flora which required images of flowers, plant life and fungi and secondly Wildlife. Both of these competitions adhered to the agreed coordinated definition of Nature and Wildlife photography adopted by the FIAP. The Wildlife Trophy was won by Julie Claydon with her image ' Redshank ' and runner-up was an image by Karen Coller titled ' Mid Air Encounter '. The Flora Trophy was awarded to Lyn Rendall with her image  ' Scabious - Pincushion Flower ' and runner-up was 'Banana Leaf ' by John Taylor.

Here is the competition result sheet for Wildlife and other high scoring images and here is the competition result sheet for Flora and other high scoring images

10th October 2018 - Print League Round 1 Open

The 1st round of the Print League competition judged by Peter Orr LRPS was well subscribed. Peter provided some very good critiques of the pictures as well as some interesting scores. Pictures below all scored a full 10 points

Blowing in the wind by Catherine Dashwood LRPS, Withdrawn by Nicky Pascoe, Night Worker by Phil Beard PAGB, Under the Elms by Lyn Rendall and The Bin Blue Line by Jules Syrett.

Here is the competition result sheet and other high scoring images

19th September 2018 - DPI League Round 1 Open

On week 3 of our new seaon we ran the first of our in-house DPI League competitions themed as 'Open'.  This produced a varied selection of images for our judge Rob de Ruiter ARPS to enjoy and critique; he chose 'Venetian Bride' by Jules Syrett LRPS as the winner with Jim Budd's image 'Weaver Bird' in second place and 'Sharing a Tale' by Elaine Adkins third. Here is the competition result sheet and other high scoring images

23rd May 2018 - Best of the Year Competition

We welcomed back Glyn Edmunds to judge our final competition of the 2017/18 season - our Best of Year Digital and Print Competitions.  This was a chance to see the best work in DPI and Prints that club members have produced over the season and so Glyn had a difficult task in deciding on the eventual winning images.  John Livy came away as Best of Year Print winner with his image  'Pin Mill Graveyard',  Jim Young was runner-up with his print  'Misty Morning'  and Nicky Pascoe's image  'Spinning Silk'  was placed third.  In the Best of Year Digital Frank Leavesley's  'Cool Start'  was judged as the winner with Ian Francis as runner-up with his image  'Stonechat Early Morning'  and Jim Pascoe came third with  'Refugee Girl'.

9th May 2018 - DPI League Round 6 Landscape

May saw the final round of the Digital League Competition under the heading of 'Landscape'.  This year the competition had an 'open' theme and so there was no restriction on what constituted a 'landscape' image - it could be a seascape, cityscape, industrial landscape or include close-ups of elements in a landscape and could be captured anywhere in the world.  Our judge for the evening was Roger Smith and he chose Frank Leavesley's image  'Stony Shoreline'  as the winner with 'Sunset at Bamburgh Beach' by Elaine Adkins as runner-up.

25th April - Norrie Phillips Memorial Trophy

For our final competitive event of the month, we ran the Norrie Phillips Memorial Trophy competition.  This was a digital projection competition where creativity was the key element and was judged by 4 non-competing members of the club.  As the results of this competition did not contribute towards the final league placings it turned out to be a relaxed and enjoyable fun evening with some amusing and 'interesting' images on show.  Elaine Adkins was awarded the trophy with her image of a poppy and buds transformed into a beautiful circular swirl and titled 'Poppy Paperweight'.

28th March - Print League Round 5 Monochrome

On 248th March we ran round 5 of our internal print league competition themed 'Monochrome'.  Our  judge was Glyn Edmunds  APSA, EPSA, EFIAP/s and he chose 'Pin-Mill Graveyard' by John Livy as the winner with Nicky Pascoe's image 'In the Pilgrims' Hall' as runner-up.

7th February 2018 - Print League Round 4 Open

In the first week of February we ran round four of our Open Print League competition titled 'Battle of the Sexes'.  This is a keenly fought annual competition between the ladies and gentlemen of the club and was won by the gents by the narrowest of margins, with an average of 8.39 to the ladies' 8.23.  Paul Bradley from Niton Camera Club Isle of Wight was our judge for the evening and he chose 'Juvenile Black Headed Gull' by Lyn Rendall as the winning image and Jim Young's image 'Misty Morning' as runner-up.

17th January 2018 - DPI League Round 3 - Open

On the second week in January we held the third round of our DPI League, this was an 'open' themed competition and was judged by Gordon Brown ARPS from Winchester.

The high scoring images were-

Frank Leavesley NCFE3 - Frome Dawn
Frank Leavesley - To the Deep
Helen Renouf - Just a Glimpse
Geoff Fagan - Cubic
Lyn Rendall - Mayhem
Phil Beard CPAGB - Cube house, Rotterdam


13th December 2017 - Print League Round 3 - Set of Three

We ran round 3 of our internal Print League themed as 'A Set of Three', the aim was to produce 3 images that linked together by virtue of their content.  Tony Oliver ARPS, CPAGB was our judge and he chose a set of images titled 'Milo' by Catherine Dashwood as winner and 'Floral Studies' by Fay Bowles as runner-up.

There were no digital images of the print sets.

22nd November 2017 - Print League Round 2 - Wildlife and Fauna

Our final internal competition in November was round 2 of our DPI League made up of 2 competitions; 'Wildlife' and 'Fauna'.  Judging this was a former member of our club, Chris Neil-Griffin BA(Hons), ARPS, MFA.  Chris gave us a very fair in-depth and interesting critique on all images.  She chose 'Starling' by Elaine Adkins as the winning wildlife entry  with 'Stonechat- Early Morning' by Ian Francis as runner-up.  In the fauna competition 'Autumn Leaves' by Helen Renouf was selected as winner with Jim Pascoe's image 'Iris' runner-up.
High scoring images in the Wildlife competition were-

Elaine Adkins - Starling - Winner
Frank Leavesley NCFE3 - Marching Onwards
Ian Francis ARPS DPAGB - Stone Chat, Early Morning - Runner Up
Jim Budd - Tread Carefully

High scoring images in the Fauna competition were -

Elaine Adkins - Indian Clock Vine
Christine Sinclair - In The Meadow
Frank Leavesley - Reaching Out
Helen Renouf - Autumn Leaves - Winner
Jim Pascoe Ba(hons) ABIPP, - Iris - Runner Up
Jim Young - Ball of Hoya
Lyn Rendall - Euphorbia

1st November 2017 - DPI League Round 2 - Portrait

November began with round 2 of our Print League themed as a 'Portrait' competition and was judged by Roy Lambeth DPAGB, AFIAP, BPE2*.  There were some outstanding images for Roy to enjoy and he finally chose 'Camargue Cowboy' by Catherine Dashwood as the winner.  Catherine pulled off a double as another of her images titled 'Maddie' was chosen as runner-up. The high scoring images were-

Brian Adkins - Steampunk Tom
Catherine Dashwood LRPS - Camargue Cowboy - Winner
Catherine dashwood LRPS - Maddie - Runner Up
Elaine Adkins - Phoebe
Fay Bowles ARPS - Lysette
Jim Pascoe BA(Hons) ABIPP - Masked Boy
Jim Pascoe BA(Hons) ABIPP - Tears

11th October 2017 - Print League Round 1 - Open

On the second week round one of our Print League with an 'Open' theme was judged by Andrew Mills MA(Photo), ARPS, LBIPP. The high scoring Images were-

Barbara Hawkins - Purple Haze
Brian Adkins - Dewent Water
Brian Adkins - The Old Workshop
Catherine Dashwood LRPS - Shake it all Out!
Christine Sinclair - Blue Hour at Marine lake
Elaine Adkins - Shadows
Fay Bowles ARPS - Natural Beauty
Ian Francis ARPS DPAGB  - Elephant Encounter
John Livy LRPS - 102 Heading Home
John Livy LRPS - Low tide, Pin Mill
John Taylor - Last Light

20th September 2017 - DPI League Round 1 - Open

This was the first round of the Digital League Competition.  It was an 'Open' theme and our judge for the evening was Alison Cawley ARPS, EFIAP, DPAGB. The high scoring images were-

Catherine Dashwood LRPS - Balancing Act
Frank Leavesley NCFE3 - Descent

Jim Pascoe BA BAIPP ARPS - Refugee Girl
Nick Heissig - Assorted Tubes
Nick Heissig - Loosey in the Woods
Peter Tilsley - Barcelona - Empty Street after the Attack © Peter Tilsley