November 2018

Paul de Sylva was the judge for our second in-house DPI League Competition which incorporated two competitions - Flora which required images of flowers, plant life and fungi and secondly Wildlife. Both of these competitions adhered to the agreed coordinated definition of Nature and Wildlife photography adopted by the FIAP. The Wildlife Trophy was won by Julie Claydon with her image ' Redshank ' and runner-up was an image by Karen Coller titled ' Mid Air Encounter '. The Flora Trophy was awarded to Lyn Rendall with her image  ' Scabious - Pincushion Flower ' and runner-up was 'Banana Leaf ' by John Taylor.

Following on from this we had an in-house workshop evening themed as  'questions and answers'.  Some of the more proficient members of the club were able to answer questions and give brief demonstrations about queries that arose in the use of Photoshop and Lightroom.  There was also help on hand with 'hardware' issues regarding camera settings, metering modes and lighting techniques.  Thanks go to all involved who helped with the running of the evening - we hope the members who posed the questions came away with a little extra knowledge.

Round 2 of our Print League Competition titled 'Portrait' was judged by Gordon Brown ARPS who stood in as a replacement judge, due to illness.  There was a good selection of images both in colour and monochrome and the overall winners were a husband and wife team - Nicky and Jim Pascoe.  Nicky's image 'In the Woodland' was placed first with Jim's 'Mustang Boy' as runner-up.

To round off the month we were treated to a fascinating talk by Edward Parker who is a renowned prize winning photographer and writer who specialises in environmental issues across the globe. Although his travels have taken him to many foreign countries such as Brazil, the Congo and Vietnam etc. he lives in Dorset where he is also manager for the Springhead Trust, and has been photographing trees for over 25 years in more than 30 books. He delights in capturing images of trees, young and ancient, and both his talk  and book titled 'Photographing Trees' explored what makes a good and successful photograph. He willingly shared his knowledge on the composition of his images and how by the careful use of light, using the rule of thirds and viewpoint he produced an array of stunning images, which can be seen at various exhibitions across the country.

October 2018

Chris Weston, listed by Outdoor Photography as one of the world's 40 most influential wildlife photographers, gave us a fascinating talk titled   'Animals on the Edge: Reporting from the Front Line of Extinction ', taken from his book of the same name. It described his work, both in highlighting the plight of some of the 60 most rare and endangered mammals which feature on the International Union for Conservation of Nature's 'Red List' of threatened species, and his innovative efforts in working with others to make a positive difference -  the ICUN being the global authority on the status of animal and plant species worldwide.

Chris highlighted how the interaction between poverty stricken countries and the wildlife around them are fighting a war all of their own - one of survival. His credits include the BBC, the Sunday Times and National Geographic and he finished with an impassioned message;  '' we all have a choice to stand up and be heard and make a difference ''.

Round 1 of our print league competition themed as 'Open' was well subscribed and judged by Peter Orr LRPS.

'Photography in Cold Places' was the presentation by speakers John And Diana Tilsley who stressed that they enjoy nothing more than going on holiday and getting really cold! The talk showed how they combine their passion for photography with cross-country skiing in the Scandinavian wilderness of Finland and Iceland, and as  John has recently been appointed a Fotospeed ambassador he used their paper and inks exclusively to produce this beautiful presentation - thus we were treated to an array of spectacular images of their travels across these cold climes including fjords and infinite coastlines.

The following week we had an in-house evening with 4 of our members showing and talking us through a selection of their favourite images.  We thank Simon Brown, Chris Glasbey, Clive Hollingshead and Jacqueline Smith for stepping up and giving us an insight into their individual styles of photography.

'What Makes a Good Photograph' was the title of a presentation from our final guest speaker Andrew Mills and took an alternative view to the accepted norm of club photography. Andrew, a qualified lecturer in higher education, looked at a range of historic and contemporary photography to help us to not only identify aspects of photographs but to stimulate some concepts and ideas for our own photography projects. We were shown a selection of his own work together with examples of famous photographers both historic and current.

In late October we were sadly informed of the death of Thelma Tignet, a long standing and Honorary member of our club.  In recent times a succession of illnesses had curtailed her ability to regularly attend meetings and she will be sorely missed by the club, our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.

September 2018

A 'Welcome Back' evening with drinks and nibbles was the first session of the new season. There were newly created images on display and members had the chance to chat and discuss these and to catch up on news from the summer break.

Our first speaker of the season was Roger Crocombe ARPS with a superb presentation titled 'The Sea and Me'. Roger is a landscape photographer with a special affinity for the sea and the shoreline and in 2012 was awarded his Associateship of the Royal Photographic Society with a panel of images based on the shoreline. He is also an assessor for the PAGB in both the Chilterns and Southern Counties and regularly lectures in this region.

On week 3 we ran the first of our in-house DPI League competitions themed as 'Open'. This produced a varied selection of images for our judge Rob de Ruiter ARPS to enjoy and critique; he chose 'Venetian Bride' by Jules Syrett LRPS as the winner with Jim Budd's image 'Weaver Bird' in second place and 'Sharing a Tale' by Elaine Adkins third.

Steven le Provost FRPS, who is based in Guernsey, gave us an enthusiastic talk titled 'A Feeling of Impressionism'. Steven is a creative photographer and digital artist and this was a presentation of his work both in print and digital format. The genres he covers are still life, character and nautical studies all influenced by impressionism. Compositional rule breaking is something he enjoys, so he tries to incorporate this in the creative process as often as he feels is appropriate - 'Without imagination the camera has no film'. Steven also serves on the Royal Photographic Societies Fine Art Distinction Panel and holds 3 Fellowships.