14th November 2018 - "How do you do that?" - by Club Experts

The 2nd meeting of the month saw a new concept for the club where we had an in-house workshop evening themed as  'questions and answers'.  Some of the more proficient members of the club were able to answer questions and give brief demonstrations about queries that arose in the use of Photoshop and Lightroom.  There was also help on hand with 'hardware' issues regarding camera settings, metering modes and lighting techniques.  Thanks go to all involved who helped with the running of the evening - we hope the members who posed the questions came away with a little extra knowledge.

24th October 2018 - "what we like about Photography" by members

This week we had an in-house evening with 5 of our members showing and talking us through a selection of their favourite images.  We thank Simon Brown, Chris Glasbey, Clive Hollingshead John Taylor and Jacqueline Smith for stepping up and giving us an insight into their individual styles of photography.

5th September 2018 - Welcome Back!

A 'Welcome Back' evening with drinks and nibbles was the first session of the new season.  There were newly created images on display and members had the chance to chat and discuss these and to catch up on news from the summer break.

16th May 2018 - Photographic Derby with Ealing & Hampshire House

In May we held our friendly annual derby with Ealing & Hampshire House - a competition of prints and digital images judged by Alan Cooke.  This year we tied with Ealing & Hampshire House in the print section but we won the digital and so Highcliffe and Infinity came out as overall winners of the evening with a score of 274 to their 268.

4th April 2018 - Inter-club Friendly Competition

For our first club evening in April we launched a new event;  an inter-club friendly competition between ourselves and 2 of our neighbouring local clubs;  Dorchester and Southampton.  This was a relaxed but keenly run competition of prints and digital images judged by Tony Worobiec.  Dorchester came out as winners with 171 points, Southampton were 2nd with 165.5 and Highcliffe & Infinity came close with 163 points.  As this competition was a success we hope to run it as an annual fixture in our future programmes.

14th February 2018 - In-House Evening

The first half of the evening was very casual as we were invited to supply a friendly critique on  a set of twenty images from members of  Niton Camera Club on the Isle of Wight, this was led by our own judge Jim Pascoe and these comments were duly recorded and sent back to Niton Camera Club.  In March they will return the favour and offer comments on twenty of our club images and supply us with a feedback. 

For the second half of the evening we had an informal trial of a new suggestion for a club competition , to be themed 'Straight from the Camera' -  to provide images with only a very small amount of editing allowed in Photoshop or Lightroom etc.

10th January 2018 - A Lee Filters Presentation followed by Calendar Images Selection

The first in-house evening of the New Year was split into two. Firstly we enjoyed an informative and in-depth presentation by John Cuff of Lee Filters, based locally in Andover Hampshire. Since 1978 these filters have established a worldwide reputation for quality because every filter that leaves their factory has been handmade and inspected by highly skilled staff. John explained the benefits of using filters to refine images, ensuring that the exposure is correct in-camera - this meant less time needed to be spent at computers with image manipulation programmes. The second half of the evening was taken up with the selection of suitable images, chosen by club members, for our 2019 Club calendar.

25th October 2017 In-House - "A Mixed Bag-Landscapes to Humour"by Chairman Jim Young

On the final club night in October Jim Young, our Chairman, entertained us with an immensely enjoyable talk titled 'A Mixed Bag- from Landscapes to Humour'.  In the first half of the evening Jim treated us to a splendid array of landscape images taken from all corners of the globe - stretching from our own British shores to places such as Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Yosemite National Park, Venice, Tuscany and many more beautiful places.  For the second half of the evening a lighter more humorous side of Jim's character was revealed.  The next set of images, alongside Jim's narrative, not only amused the audience, they showed us that Jim has a considerable talent for seeking out and photographing the most unusual and quirky subjects which the average person would pass by without a second look. 

6th September 2017 - In-House - Welcome Back

We  opened the new 2017/18 season with a 'Welcome Back' evening.  Members brought along newly created images in print and DPI format and these were displayed throughout the evening whilst people chatted and caught up with all the summer news.  It was also a chance for new prospective photographers to meet with existing members and ask any relevant questions about the club's activities.