25th October 2017 In-House - "A Mixed Bag-Landscapes to Humour"by Chairman Jim Young

On the final club night in October Jim Young, our Chairman, entertained us with an immensely enjoyable talk titled 'A Mixed Bag- from Landscapes to Humour'.  In the first half of the evening Jim treated us to a splendid array of landscape images taken from all corners of the globe - stretching from our own British shores to places such as Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Yosemite National Park, Venice, Tuscany and many more beautiful places.  For the second half of the evening a lighter more humorous side of Jim's character was revealed.  The next set of images, alongside Jim's narrative, not only amused the audience, they showed us that Jim has a considerable talent for seeking out and photographing the most unusual and quirky subjects which the average person would pass by without a second look.