21st March 2018 - 'Celebrating British Life Today' by Janey Devine FRPS

Our second guest speaker in March was Janey Devine FRPS  with a talk titled  'Celebrating British Life Today'.  There are many interpretations of what documentary photography actually is -- it can be Travel;  Street;  Conceptual;  Photo Journalism or Documentary and  the only difference is that the documentary is 'of ' something instead of  'about'  something. The first part of the evening was involved with  looking at some classic documentary images covering  War; Poverty; Famine;  Vietnam etc. and then we were shown a selection of Janey's work, looking at various aspects of British life.  This was a loosely related collection of images of normal people doing normal everyday things -- each person had their own story to tell.  We had the opportunity to browse through classic books on documentary photography and also a variety of magazines which Janey has produced.