31st January 2018 - "My African Adventure" by Ian Francis ARPS DPAGB

To round off the month we had a talk from one of our club members, Ian Francis ARPS, DPAGB. This was his new presentation called 'My African Adventure Continues' and was a superb follow-up to his initial talk that we had previously enjoyed. Mozambique was Ian's starting point - most of the wildlife in this area is unique to Mozambique and cannot be found anywhere else in the world. There was an intriguing section of the talk featuring an elephant orphanage in Zambia - heart-breaking images of young elephants with horrific wounds to their legs and trunks caused by poachers' snares. Ian showed us one particular calf with a  deep gash in its trunk, so severe that it could not draw up water. The final set of images were from the Lower Zambezi National Park - this was a truly beautiful array of wildlife images from Ian and his love of wildlife is so obvious that it comes through in his excellent photography.