4th October 2017 - "Straight from the Garden Shed" by Ian McGowan FRPS

October opened with a speaker, Iain Mcgowan FRPS, with his talk 'Straight from the Garden Shed'.  Iain is one of the talented founder members of the Focus Group of photographers from Chichester and has covered every aspect of photography - landscape, reportage, environment, travel and illustrated books etc.  His exhibition work is marked by imaginative methods of presentation - he has the ability to plan out a series of images to illustrate a theme or tell a story -  as he told us ''a set of photos describe the subject so much better than a single image''.  His approach is a simple one -  he only shoots in JPEG format, uses small compact cameras without inter changeable lenses and prints directly from memory card to his printer.  He believes that there is a danger that we may all become far too obsessed with the continuous technical progress of photography and relevant computer software and therefore lose sight of what our images are trying to portray.